2017 A New Beginning

Hello!  I must be one of the worse bloggers ever.  It is a new year and time to begin again. I have decided to write about my American Girl dolls for awhile. Not really very exciting but at least it is something with a focus. I will focus on one doll at a time. I have 4 American Girl dolls, Elizabeth, Molly, Maryellen and Julie. I also have a Bitty Baby. I love dolls. Besides my American Girl dolls I have an old vinyl plastic doll that is like 24 inches long. She has real blonde hair and blue eyes. I have had her for at least 40 years. I have collected many clothes for her over the years and I dress her up as the seasons dictates.  I also have an old Baby First Step that my sister Tracey got for me about ten years ago. I have an old Skipper doll and two Ginny dolls. I also have a My Friend Jenny doll and a My Friend Mandy doll. I also have a collection of porcelain dolls. I have four dolls in a collection called “Babies First Year” and several Disney Princess dolls. I really love dolls. It’s time for me to get busy with everyday stuff, like the dishes so more coming soon on my American Girl doll, Elizabeth.

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I’m Back

I would like to talk about Monday.  Poor Monday it is such a maligned day though I can certainly understand why. The first day back to work after a lovely relaxing weekend away from work. Need I say more.  Monday’s are rough.

I am your typical nine to fiver.  I work in an accounting office in a cubicle responding to emails and fixing problems all day long. Ugga bugga!  I don’t jump out of bed on Monday morning with a yahoo for Monday. I drag my feet into Monday and my brain and my a– as well.  Monday’s are rough.

This past Monday was my usual Ugga bugga Monday. So I ask myself what can I do to make Monday better?  I decided to stop at Meijer and get a bagel and cream cheese.  I love bagels and cream cheese. At Meijer I can buy 1 bagel and two small packs of cream cheese.  This is good because I don’t need to buy a whole bag of bagels and 8 ounces of cream cheese because if I did I would consume them all within a few days.

On this particular Monday I walked into Meijer and looked to see if they had small packs of cream cheese because sometimes they don’t and as far as I’m concerned if there is no cream cheese there’s no point in having a bagel.  They did not have any small packs of cream cheese so I did not get a bagel.  Now an event like this could make Monday even worse than it already is but I was really trying to keep a good positive attitude.  So I told myself I am not going to let this make Monday bad and I headed on to work.

Now here’s the really good part of this story.  When I got to work someone had brought in bagels and cream cheese to share with the  office.  Wow!!  My first thought was God is so good to me. He cares about little things like bagels and cream cheese on an Ugga bugga Monday.  How awesome is that. Being reminded of how much God cares for me by something as small as a bagel and cream cheese can only make Monday magnificent.

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My Summer Vacation Days 4 thru 7

I think it is time for me to wrap up my summer vacation.  I could barely remember what I did on the third day of my summer vacation so it only stands to reason that the last 4 days of my summer vacation have slipped into oblivion.  I do however remember a few things that I did.  On day 4 I watched my 2 month old grandson in the evening and got to keep him a bit longer than I expected because my son and his wife had to go to the emergency room as my son had some pretty intense abdominal pain. They never really figured out what was going on but they finally sent him home with some medication at 1:30 in the morning and he got to the hospital at 9 PM.  On day 5 I helped my son and his wife with their garage sale mostly by taking care of my grandson.  I got to go to a few garage sales myself that day and bought 4 books.  On day 6 I went to church and then I came home and took a nap because day 5 wore me out.  And finally on day 7 my husband and I built a small deck in our backyard with used decking material that we got from his brother.  It turned out very nicely and that evening we sat out on it in the shade and cooked out.  So ends my summer vacation. 

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My Summer vacation Day 3

Now that it has been nearly a month since my summer vacation ended and my short-term memory is going down hill quicker than I am I will have to spend sometime thinking about what I actually did on the third day of my summer vacation.  Let’s see, it was a Thursday because my summer vacation actually started on Tuesday.  One thing I can remember about that day is going to my Grand-daughters eighth grade graduation.  She is a lovely young lady and was dressed to the nines for this event.  She wore a dark blue short satiny strapless dress with silver heels that were at least 5 inches high.  She went to the salon that morning and had her hair and nails done.  She looked beautiful but I must say that I thought the heels were a bit too much.  She is very bright young lady and won like three awards.  She won the Presidents award for maintaining a 4.0 grade point average for like 6 out of 8 semesters.  She won the American Legion Award and then she won the Leadership award.  After the graduation ceremony we went to a little party hosted by all of the cheer-leading Mom’s.  It was a nice little party and we watched Brooke running around acting like a 13-year-old girl,  whispering and giggling and being highly egotistical.  She is a joy and a pleasure and I am very proud of her.  We gave her a card and $25.00 in cash which she promptly thanked us for with a lovely card and a promise to spend it wisely.  This is all that I can remember from the 3rd day of my summer vacation so its looks like I remembered the best part of it.

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My Summer Vacation Day 2

I,ve heard it said that all work and no play will make me a dull girl and we certainly can’t have that.  On the second day of my summer vacation I did not work.  I played.  My husband and I got up early and drove to Bloomington, Illinois.  Not the greatest vacation mecca in Illinois but close to home.  We stopped at Krispy Kreme and had hot fresh donuts and coffee.  It was so good!!  From there we went to the Miller Park Zoo.  It is a small zoo built on a circular circuit.  They have quite a collection of animals.  I really enjoyed watching the otter swim around.  I love otters!  They have such cute little faces.  The seal was pretty cool as well.  His water pond had been emptied for cleaning and when we got there they had just started to refill it.  They let the seal out and it was fun to watch him trying to play in the shallow water.  They had a walk through place with wallaby’s.  You walk on the path and can see the wallaby’s without bars or fences or anything to block your view.  It was pretty wild and I have never seen anything like it before.  They had a few regular animals like a bear, a tiger, lemurs and monkeys.  All in all it was really nice little zoo and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  After the zoo we went to the Beer Nut Factory and bought some, no not Beer nuts, some Insane Grain which are like corn nuts which I really love.  Then we headed home.  We had dinner at Culvers.  I had a chocolate concrete mixer.  It was very enjoyable and satisfying day

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My Summer Vacation Day 1

Remember when you were younger and every year when you went back to school you had to write a paper about your summer vacation?  I never really ever had an exciting summer vacation to write about.  So, it was always such a challenge for me and I really hated it.

This week is my summer vacation.  And to tell you the truth it’s not really that exciting at least not by most people’s standards.   I mean I’m not going on a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean or mountain climbing in the Rockies, in fact I am staying home and spending time with my husband, who just happens to be my very best friend.

My summer vacation started on Tuesday.  We woke up and had blueberry muffins and coffee for breakfast.  Then we got started working on a renovation in our master bedroom.  We always have such a good time working together.  We are moving the closet in the master bedroom to the other side of the room and tearing out the old one.  The room that is now our master bedroom used to be a family room. A couple of years ago we built a wall and turned it into our bedroom.  The old family room had a closet that was built to house the washer and dryer.  When we turned the room into a master bedroom we moved the washer and dryer into the bathroom and turned the closet into a clothes closet.  The only really weird thing about the closet is that it has a window in it.  That is one of the reasons why we are moving the closet so we can free the window.  That will give us two windows in the bedroom.  Anyway my husband and I laid out the plans for the new closet and then went out to the garage and started cutting the wood for the frame.  By 5 pm we had the frame completed and all the stuff priced for the garage sale.  It was a really good day.  Not as exciting or as adventurous as most vacations but very fun and fulfilling.

My Summer Vacation Day 2 coming soon.

Tadso Yad!!

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My First Blog

Greetings to All!!  I have never had a blog before.  This is my first blog, so I am not sure what my focus or theme will be.  I started this blog because I was encouraged to do so by a very dear friend who believes in me and believes that I have a knack for writing,  I guess we shall soon see.  I have always thought that I would write a great novel someday but so far all I have written are a few short stories and a bunch of poems.  I plan to try to write something here at least three times a week and hopefully get the creative juices flowing.  Here’s to the beginning of a new journey and the excitement of what may be waiting around the corner.  Thank you Sue for your encouragement and support.  I hope I do you proud.  Tadso Yad!!

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